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Sunday, September 28, 2008

A gothic beauty

First I want to let Herbm know I will try Tom Waits music, I'm always looking for new things. Thank you for the sweet thoughts.

My date with my sweet young man was most delightful, we met at the Range and I had him try my gun, slowly, gently, I didn't rush him. I of course gave him the complete safety talk, hmmmm one must always be safe.

The results? He loved it! Now he knows the empowerment of the proper gun use. We've had a few follow up dates, but I don't want to disrupt his college education, but now he's signed up for the full gun safety course taught by the Range Master, and then we will see what gun he preferrs after he's pass his test. We shall have fun.

Last night I went to one of my favorite antique stores, the Gaslight Emporium, it was their Halloween opening, I had sooo much fun choosing Halloween decorations for my home, and ran into old friends they too all in their costumes.

It was such gothic party fun, but there was something I want to buy so much but the owner won't sell----yet---I do keep hoping. It's a victorian portable funeral parlor set, for when the wake is held in a person's home. Some day I'll buy it.

Afterwards my friends and I went out for drinks all in our costumes, of course this time of year people don't even blink, that is why I love Halloween.

I came home later but was too restless to go to bed, so I checked my Tivo to see if it had captured the Sarah Brightman concert "Symphony--live in Vienna", the setting was perfect, her voice surreal, they performed in St. Stevens Cathedral and made use of the magnificent organ when she performed "The Phantom of the Opera" piece. So gothic, so wonderful, I felt like I was being swallowed up in velvety dark chocolate with a touch of merlot for a special kick.

Now I must buy the DVD, this is something for both sight and sound.

And I will leave that with all of you sweet things, now I must go, I'm traveling with a friend today we are going up to of all pedesterian places Placerville to go to a antique store called "Gothic Rose" Antiques. My friend is still decorating her home and she's seen some wonderful items on line there.

Sweet thought my darlings.

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